2016 Dambuster Results

Wow … another amazing Dambuster event.

2016 Dambuster Trail Race startDespite an atrocious weather forecast, the weather was (mostly) glorious, although the coldest Dambuster event that we can remember.

Many thanks to all who took part, and the 35 volunteers and event sponsors (Cotswold Outdoor Bakewell Store, Vegware community Fund, LifeSystems), without whom this iconic event could not take place.



Many thanks to Paul Richardson and Sharon Oliver who were our event photographers. We are collating and tagging the hundreds of images that they took and will be loading them onto our website over the next week. Photos will be available to download for an (optional) donation to CCTA.


Following requests from several people at the event, weare working on creating certificates over the coming week. These will be made into PDF files, and availaible for download.


Click here for the 2017 Derwent Dambuster Results


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