Claire’s Hot Air Balloon Experience


This was one of the best experiences I have ever had, the weather was good, the skies were clear and the views were spectacular.

We arrived at the Bakewell show ground, we had to unpack and inflate the balloon which took around an hour to do, we then all climbed into the basket and the ride began.

We were in the air for around one and a half hours, drifting where ever the winds took use, and as it was a clear evening and no clouds, we could see as far as the horizon in all directions, Manchester and beyond to the West, York to the North, Goole to the East and Chesterfield to the South, the highlight of the trip for me was ascending through the clouds and braking through to a clear bright Plato of rolling clouds, and been able to see our silhouette of our hot air balloon on the clouds at the side of use, at this point we were one mile high.


We then descended back through the clouds and drifted on slowly, covering at total of 8 miles, gradually descending with still more breath taking views below us.

Finally it was time to hold tight to the safety ropes, bend your knees and prepare to land, and we started to descend, as we did this it seemed as though we were gathering speed as the ground looked to be closing in very fast, and with a thud and one bounce we had landed and we were still upright, the man in charge shouted every one out as he released all the hot air from the balloon, and it started to deflate and fall to the ground, we all had to help packing the balloon away and load it onto the trailer as the light began to fade, and make the trip back to Bakewell.

Finally, I just want to say a very big thank you, for all your help in giving me on of the best days of my life, if was Fabulous.

Many Thanks



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