News for 2021 – Dambuster, ShAFF, etc

We’re sure you will realise that, due to the current COVID situation, CCTA has been unable to function as usual. This is likely to continue for some time resulting in the cancellation of many of our activities.

We have had no challenges since the virus appeared, and are unlikely to until things are quite safe.

Dambuster 2021, as you will have probably gathered, will not take place in the Spring, and is unlikely later in the year. We are hopeful, however, for Dambuster 2022, so are look forward to seeing you all again then.

As ShAFF 2021 will, as last year, be an online event, we won’t be contributing this year. Again, we hope to see you at the 2022 show.

Please keep COVID-safe, and thanks for all your support.

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