Sarah’s High Speed Adventure

sarahcar1ssarahcar3ssarahcar2sSarah Stevenson, who has cancer of the liver, contacted Challenge Cancer Through Adventure about her dream; to drive a racing car at the Donington Park Circuit.

We were happy to help Sarah’s dream coming true.

Sarah’s husband Mike, wrote :

“Sarah and I are very grateful for Challenge Cancer’s support, the brief experience which she got a few weeks ago at Donington was a huge morale boost and she had been enthusiastically looking forward to going to Rockingham… She also asked me to thank you, particularly, for your kindly support. the brief drive which she had at Donington was great! … Challenge Cancer’s contribution to Sarah’s life was immensely valuable, she enthusiastically looked forward to her Donington experience and enjoyed that part of it which was completed before the weather put a stop to driving. Keep up the good work, every person you help will get a great and hugely valuable experience.”

Yours, Mike Stevenson


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