The trustees  of CCTA come from a wide variety of backgrounds and offer a range of knowledge, skills and experience. These include: human resources management, development and training, consultancy, social work, research, teaching, the law, finance, insurance, medicine, engineering and accountancy. All of the trustees have been involved with community and charity work for a number of years and have a proven track record of business management along with governance in the voluntary sector and fundraising.


John Holliday: Chair

Like most people, I have lost several close friends to cancer, so CCTA seemed like an obvious organisation to be involved with. A keen hiker, I have completed several long- and not-so-long-distance walks in the UK and Ireland. I make the most of having the Peak District on my doorstep, and will never miss an opportunity to get out on the hills. I have worked at the University of Sheffield for over thirty years, in pharmaceutical research and lecturing on various IT-related courses, and now work as a consultant.

James Drydale: Secretary

Living on the doorstep of my favourite place, the Peak District, is a privilege. I was inspired to become a Trustee of Challenge Cancer Through Adventure by meeting other Trustees and also by running the Derwent Dambuster 10 mile event. It truly is one of the finest running events, in spectacular scenery, in the country.
People close to me have been taken away by cancer. I believe strongly in the aims and value of the charity. Regaining control of your life and becoming less medicalised, is very important for people. Wellbeing and fulfilment really can help in the fight against cancer.
I love being outdoors and I particularly enjoy hill walking (including picnics in the middle of winter!), mountain biking and scuba diving.
I have travelled all over the world and there is nothing better than waking up in a new place and embarking on an adventure.

Mike DurrantMike Durrant: Treasurer

Being a keen mountain biker and walker, and having worked in the outdoor industry for ten years with GO Outdoors in Sheffield – I was strongly drawn to the story and mission of Challenge Cancer Through Adventure.
I, like so many others, have lost people close to me to cancer – including my mum in 2016.  I saw the effect that so many rounds of treatment had on her and can clearly see how others in her situation could benefit greatly from the focus and enjoyment of planning trips and adventures.
I’m glad to be a part of a team of people helping to make that a reality for many.

Chris Roebuck: Trustee

I first became aware of CCTA after taking part in the Derwent Dambuster race in 2016 and 2017. It was a great event to be involved in plus it was raising money for a very worthwhile cause. I found out a bit more about the charity and the inspiring challengers and when an opportunity to become a trustee came up, I was keen to get involved.

I’m a project manager working for a local authority and in the past I have worked with community groups to deliver a wide range of environmental projects. I hope that I can use my knowledge and experience to support people to achieve their goal and complete an amazing challenge.

I live in Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District so I spend my spare time running, cycling and walking. I also enjoy snowboarding in winter (in the Alps, not the Peaks!) so I understand the benefits of being outdoors and fully support CCTA’s aims and objectives.

Jack Turner: Trustee

Info to come

Alison Milne

Alison Milne: Trustee

I first learned about CCTA after a presentation at work. Planning my retirement, I knew I wanted to become involved. I have followed two main careers – one in teaching (primary sector and outdoor education) and then retraining as a nurse and working in oncology for over ten years where I had the privilege of meeting some truly inspirational people. Personal losses of close friends and family members to cancer have also drawn me to the work of CCTA.

With a passion for the outdoors, I enjoy hill walking, scrambling, cycling and seasonal cold-water dipping!  I am lucky to live near the Peak District which contains the ideal terrain to pursue these interests. I have also enjoyed a variety of other outdoor challenges through working overseas (USA and Canada) and extended travel trips.

There are so many rewards from completing an outdoor challenge and I am keen to share my enthusiasm and experience by assisting and encouraging others to attain their own choice of adventure.