Volunteer Trustees Wanted: Secretary & Treasurer in 2016

CCTA is run by a small group of volunteer trustees. From time to time, trustees step down and we welcome new individuals into our trustee board … they bring new energy, connections and skills, and enable the charity to continue the work that it does.

Do you have good organisation & administration skills, and are able to volunteer a few hours a month?

From March 2016 , we need to recruit 2 additional volunteer Trustees to take on the roles of Secretary and Treasurer. These roles are important for the efficient and effective functioning of the charity, and involve:


  • to coordinate communications within the Trustee board (mostly by email)
  • to regularly monitor incoming enquiries and distribute to the Trustee board (email & phone message)
  • to maintain records of challenges
  • to help organise and record Trustee meetings & AGM
  • to submit statutory returns to the Charities Commission


  • to record and monitor the charity’s oncome & expenditure
  • to disburse funds to challengers in conjunction with other Trustees
  • to liaise with our accountant to ensure end of year accounts are prepared and submitted to the Charities Comission
  • to prepare and present a Treasurer’s report at the AGM (held in March each year)

If you are interested in a conversation about becoming a Trustee and taking on either of these roles, please get in touch using our contact form on this website.



Here is a bit more information about CCTA and about the role of Trustees …

Challenge Cancer Through Adventure is a small, local* charity, founded in 2005 to provide support and funding to individuals with (or recovering from) cancer or with other life-threatening illnesses.

The charity is entirely volunteer run, by a small group of Trustees and other supporters. It is solvent and has sufficient cash reserves to continue to support challengers over the next few years (assuming current rate of applications and awards of funding for adventures).

Please note that being a Trustee is an unpaid (pro-bono) role.

* A local charity is one that provides support to recipients who live in a defined geographic location. In the case of CCTA, this is defined as “The Peak District and the surrounding towns and cities”.

What does being a Trustee of CCTA involve?

Formally, as Trustees, we are responsible for the governance and running of the charity.

This does carry with it some legal responsibilities (lots of info on the Charities Commission Website about the role and responsibilities of charity trustees here: http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/trustees-staff-and-volunteers/trustee-role/becoming-a-trustee/)

In practical terms, we have 4 or 5 Trustee meetings per year (usually a weekday evening, about 2 hours duration), plus our AGM (usually held in March).

As Trustees we assess any applications to the charity for support (either at Trustee meetings or via email in between meetings), and liaise with, provide advice and practical support to individual challengers.

Our biggest event that we organise each year is the Derwent Dambuster trail race (https://challengecancer.org.uk/derwentdambuster/). We also organise CCTA’s presence at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Buxton Adventure Festival, Cliffhanger and a small number of other events, and between us deal with the website, social media, mailing list, and all other aspects of administering and marketing the charity.

Being a Trustee is not particularly onerous, but does mean a little bit of commitment on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in a conversation about becoming a Trustee and taking on either of these roles, please get in touch using our contact form on this website.


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